We know that trusting someone to come into your house is a big decision and that too for cleaning. We don’t at all expect you to take this matter lightly at any cost. At Maid’s Magic client satisfaction and trust is extremely important for us. We get tons of questions and concerns from our clients and we come prepared with answers to help all of you out.

Q. Can we trust your team?

  1. Rest assured, all our staff members are insured and fully trained. While on-site cleaning, the staff is not permitted to eat, drink, sleep, smoke or use any appliances present. Each customer is appointed to an experienced supervisor who for the peace of your mind will guarantee the safety of your valuable belongings and will confirm an extraordinary task. We understand and enforce the importance of clear and open communication. We value the trust that you have in us. For your peace of mind, you can remove your valuable or fragile items before the arrival of our team.


    Our staff members treat each place, industrial, personal or otherwise, with extreme respect and care. Our staff will share a custom plan with you during your first meeting with us to ensure we are on the same page. This is done so we can accommodate our plan according to your preferences. If something is missed or you are not satisfied, we will be happy to correct our mistakes at the earliest convenient time.

Q. How many cleaners will be cleaning at a time?

  1. This depends entirely on the work to be done and the time frame you have given us. Usually, one or two professional cleaners are sent, but if required, more will be provided too. You can provide the team with individual instruction either beforehand or when they arrive on site. Our staff will keep in mind your preferences and will provide you with a satisfying experience.

Q. Do we need to provide you with cleaning supplies?

  1. No. Our professional cleaners arrive with their equipment, products and supplies. We take them with us as we leave the space. However, if you have any specific instructions or wish us to employ your tools and equipment for cleaning, we will oblige you. Maid’s Magic comes equipped with state of the art supplies, tools and equipment. Our services and method are eco-friendly and all-natural. The products we use are essential for promoting a better environment. We employ micro-fiber cloth and pads instead of paper to reduce paper waste. We balance the use of environment-friendly products with chemical disinfectants to reduce the usage of harmful products as much as possible.

Q. Do you always send the same cleaners?

  1. We believe that by sending the same team of professional cleaners, their familiarity with your preferences and your space will allow them to provide you with an outstanding outcome. Our top concern is to provide you with a consistent result. We ensure that once your preferences and custom requirements are registered with our staff, you will not have to go to the extra mile to reiterate them.

Q. What if I am not home when your team arrives?

  1. Most of the cleaning services are carried out during Weekdays (8am in the morning to 5pm in the evening) and clients are generally not at home when our team arrives. Having said that, the clients trust us in this matter and usually give the entrance door key to our professional cleaners beforehand. But if you do not wish to leave the house unattended when our team arrives, you can book cleaning service according to your availability

Q. How often do you provide cleaning services?

  1. Maid’s Magic provides daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly services. The frequency of services depends entirely on your needs and demand. We provide post-event cleaning, as well as post and pre-move out and move-in cleaning, and post-construction and renovation cleaning.

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