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    As we all know happiness is a freshly cleaned house and there’s something about a clean home that is does wonders for the psyche. At Maid’s Magic we provide quality cleaning services that are not just clean to the eye but feel clean as well. We know that it can be very tough to fit housework into our busy schedules, and if you don’t clean the mess can pile up and become an enormous mess. That’s why at Maid’s Magic we provide cleaning services throughout the Chicagoland area. Our team of trained professionals can re-energize your home by saving you the hassle of cleaning up so you can make time for the finer things in life. We know that any cleaning service can make the house look clean but at Maid’s Magic we use natural and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to protect you from harmful toxins and chemicals. Whether you live in a large luxurious home or a smaller modest home our team will ensure that you get exceptional work by making your space feel as great as it looks. At Maid’s Magic we have different packages and a flexible schedule to fit every individual. We strive to cater to all the needs of our clients as client satisfaction is what means the most us.

    • High quality service
    • Friendly service
    • Fully insured
    • Affordable
    • Flexible times to suit you
    • Over 20 years experience

    Keep Your Home Clean & Protected

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    Top Quality and No hassle cleaning service

    we offer a reliable and proven cleaning experience and exceptional systemic and administrative support.

    One-Day Warranty

    If you are unsatisfied with services reach out to us, and we will resolve your dissatisfaction at no extra cost to you


    Our staff maintains open and transparent communication and delicately handles minute requirements and preferences

    Post Construction and After Renovation Cleaning

    Have you recently completed a home improvement project and now you’re left with a mess more than you can handle? We understand that cleaning after a construction project or even just some renovations here and there is such a time consuming and overall tiring task. That’s where Maid’s Magic come in, we provide incomparable services that will conquer all your cleaning needs.

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    Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

    At Maid’s Magic, we make sure our services are, within the budget for our clients, suitable according to their time schedules and according to our client’s custom cleaning preferences We have served in and around Chicago providing our clients with industry-level tailored services. Our professional bond with our customers is built on Trust, One-Day Warranty and Top Quality and No hassle cleaning service.

    Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning becomes necessary when we keep in mind your safety and protection from both viruses and germs and harmful chemicals. At Maid’s Magic, we are transparent and clear regarding the cleaning products we use. Our priority is to provide our customers with feasible and customized cleaning solutions.

    • Protect you from skin irritations
    • Ideal for families with allergies and intolerances
    • Safe for households with children and pets
    • Keeps the air of the clean and in-toxic

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