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Maid’s Magic is just a phone call away from bringing ease to your daily lives. You can call our client helpline to get a free quote/estimate today! We have the friendliest staff that will listen to you carefully and design a package that will be exclusively yours and developed by keeping your needs in mind. At Maid’s Magic our aim to provide all our customers with the best cleaning services they can’t find anywhere else. If you are interested please contact us today!

Phone Number: 224-254-3199

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    Top Quality and No hassle cleaning service

    we offer a reliable and proven cleaning experience and exceptional systemic and administrative support.

    One-Day Warranty

    If you are unsatisfied with services reach out to us, and we will resolve your dissatisfaction at no extra cost to you


    Our staff maintains open and transparent communication and delicately handles minute requirements and preferences

    Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning becomes necessary when we keep in mind your safety and protection from both viruses and germs and harmful chemicals. At Maid’s Magic, we are transparent and clear regarding the cleaning products we use. Our priority is to provide our customers with feasible and customized cleaning solutions.

    • Protect you from skin irritations
    • Ideal for families with allergies and intolerances
    • Safe for households with children and pets
    • Keeps the air of the clean and in-toxic
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